Honors Degree in Economics

 Honors Degree in Economics


The Honors Program allows outstanding majors in the Department of Economics to conduct research with a faculty member and to receive recognition for their exceptional performance. Honors students participate in faculty research projects or pursue an independent honors thesis under faculty guidance.


Interested students should apply to the Undergraduate Director after they have completed EC 201, EC 202, EC 311, and EC 312.  It is recommended that students either complete MTH 251, STAT 243, STAT 244 and one of the following:  EC 456, EC 457, EC 460, EC 469 OR that they enroll  concurrently in these courses while working on their Honors thesis. Applicants are required to have earned a minimum GPA of 3.50 in economics courses. Applicants to the Honors Program should submit to the Undergraduate Director their transcript, an honors thesis proposal and a letter of support from an economics faculty member who has agreed to serve as the applicant’s advisor.


Honors students enroll in 8 credits of EC 403 which cannot be used to satisfy the requirements for the BA/BS in economics.  Students typically take 2 credit hours per term of EC 403-Honors Thesis during the first two terms of their honors studies and take 4 credit hours of EC 403-Honors Thesis during the third term of their honors studies. A written thesis is required to be completed during the third term of enrollment in EC 403. Honors students present their theses in the Economics Department honors seminar. Departmental Honors are awarded upon successful presentation of the thesis.


The student’s advisor will provide most supervision.  Students not performing adequately can be dropped from the program at the request of the advisor.  Students may request a change of advisor and/or withdraw from the program.  Any disputes between the student and the advisor should be addressed to the Undergraduate Director.

Coordination with the University Honors Program:  

In the case of University Honors students, the Economics Department will accept enrollment in HON 403 in lieu of enrollment in EC 403, and share advising responsibilities with Honors Program faculty. 

Guidelines for the Applicants:

Please submit the following to the Undergraduate Director at least two weeks before the start of the term in which you plan to begin your course of study: 

  • Your transcripts
  • A letter of support from your proposed advisor
  • An honor's thesis proposal (suggested length 2 pages, typed and double-spaced)
  • An address, email address, and phone number where the Undergraduate Director can contact you in regards to your application  

Questions regarding the Honors Program in Economics may be directed to Professor Sarah Tinkler via email at tinkler@pdx.edu.