Graduate Certificates

The Department of Economics offers three exciting graduate certificates for students interested in exploring areas of economics. Both PSU graduate students and non-PSU may apply.

The Graduate Certificate in Econometrics and Data Analysis is a new certificate that gives students a solid foundation in the theoretical training required to perform advanced empirical work, provides hands-on experience in working with data and equips them with training in the most widely used statistical packages in the discipline, STATA and R.

The Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Resource Economics provides students with an understanding of the critical connections between economics and key environmental issues and offers an introduction to the most important analytical tools, including cost-benefit analysis.

The Graduate Certificate in Sustainability provides students with an in-depth understanding of sustainability and the connections between social, environmental, and economic systems, and equips them with the knowledge to apply sustainable, integrated problem solving approaches in their lives and careers.

For more information on any of these programs, please explore their links.