'Leap to Flame' Concert & Community Event
Friday, July 18, 2014 - 7:00pm
'Leap to Flame' Concert & Community Event

‘Leap to Flame’ Concert & Community Event

Friday, July 18, 2014 ~ 7 pm downbeat, doors at 6:30

Lincoln Hall - 1620 SW Park Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97201

$20 Ticket Price 

~ students & low income: $10-$15 sliding scale ~



Building on the success of his two new CD projects, Portland musician & Berklee College of Music graduate, Max Ribner is creating a live music & community event called  ‘Leap to Flame.’  This family friendly concert is unlike anything Portland has ever seen! “Leap to Flame is intended to spark change and encourage people to discover their purpose and passion” -Max Ribner.

This heart and health oriented evening of musical encouragement will honor children, honor elders, and honor the arts. We’ve got 450 seats to fill and we could not be more excited! Here’s the evening’s amazing lineup:

1. Max Ribner Band - This 11 piece band offers gospel soul and jazz music deeply rooted in peace, compassion and healing. Max Ribner Band will surely get you dancing and offers a spiritual journey of hope and inspiration. The concert will also release “Leap to Flame,” the second cd of Max Ribner Band. Featured on this album are 50 of Portland’s top musicians with names such as Bibi McGill (Beyoncè) Liv Warfield (Prince) and the soaring vocals of Saeeda Wright.


2. Youth Music Empowerment - There won’t be a dry eye in the crowd, with the inspiring originals written and performed by a choir of empowered children, ages 5 to 12. Max Ribner is the leader and mentor of this ensemble and believes children are our greatest teachers. Through improvising, songwriting, and positive health, Max gives these children a sacred outlet for the arts, offering a safe haven for the children. Youth Music Empowerment encourages children to keep their faith alive and to sing it loud, letting their own personal muse shine brightly. This flame radiates not only in their musical education, but in everyday choices of loving actions. This concert will also release “Wolf Pak,” the first cd of Youth Music Empowerment.  


3. Four Winds Foundation - Featured this evening, elder Sweet Medicine will provide storytelling, Native American wisdom and ceremony. Throughout the night there will be traditional Lakota songs, reminding us to carry the ancient simplicity which grounds and uplifts us. Sweet Medicine is the spiritual leader of Four Winds Foundation, a collective of individuals dedicated to offering ceremonies, vision quests, rights of passage for youth, sweat lodges, women and men retreats, as well as classes in primitive skills.


Nutritional Nourishment -Max Ribner wants to offer a healthy alternative through music. It is important to feel good about ourselves internally and externally so we can become more clear with who we are and what our visions are.  Thus, offered at intermission will be fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices, serving elixirs, smoothies and juices of the highest quality. Also available will be hand crafted chocolat delights provided by Kilikinas. Each batch of chocolat is created with various combinations of organic and raw Ecuadorian cacao, superfoods, medicinal herbs, spices and essential oils.


Images courtesy of Max Ribner.