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Econ Club

 Econ Club Membership Form

Most of our leadership have graduated and are entering new chapters in their lives. Thus, the Economics Club is seeking at least three eligible and motivated student leaders to take over this Fall for the 2011-2012 year (or beyond).  

Eligibility requires that a student:

  • maintains a 3.0 GPA every term
  • have a 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • enrolled for at least half-time (6 credits for undergraduate students or 5 credits for graduate students)
  • active member on OrgSync, the social network for Portland State student groups
    (simple membership via Facebook Connect sign-up option)

The Economics Club has been re-recognized and leadership will be essential to the club's existence. New leadership will assist in maintaining and growing a network of support for those in the venerable study of economics.

Leadership is mutually beneficial for you since it provides:

  • valuable experience and development of professional skills
  • more opportunities for student networking within and outside of the Economics Department
  • a positive distinguishment on applications and resumes
  • relationships with faculty adviser and experience more recognition amongst other faculty

Previous leadership relates from experience that being a responsible student leader requires two to fours per week. This time obligation may reduce as the leadership structure and dynamics change.

The Economics Club also has a SALP (Student Activities and Leadership Programs) advisor, Virginia Luka, who has been remarkably resourceful. With these resources and personal determination, a new student leader is bound to learn and succeed. 

If you have further questions concerning what leadership for the Econ Club entails, including:

  • economics coursework from a student perspective
  • other student involvement opportunities
  • mathematics teachers
  • graduate school process tips
  • other campus resources

Feel free to contact with questions or comments:

Forrest William (Faculty Advisor)

Econ Club Email Addresses: 

Be on the lookout for an Econ Club event soon!