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Current Syllabi

Winter Term 2017

Undergraduate Only Courses: Instructor:
EC2 201-001 Principles of Microeconomics ONLINE Kim
EC 201-002 Principles of Microeconomics Keast
EC 201-004 Principles of Microeconomics REVISED Allender
EC 201-005 Principles of Microeconomics ONLINE Kim
EC 202-003 Principles of Macroeconomics Hulseman
EC 202-004 Principles of Macroeconomics Atkinson
EC 202-002 Principles of Macroeconomics REVISED Allender
EC 311-005 Microeconomic Theory  Wooster
EC 312-003 Macroeconomic Theory Rodriguez (revised syllabus)
EC 314U-001 Private & Public Investment Woods
EC 332U-002 Economics of Environmental Issues Pal
EC 350U-001 Econ of Deeloping Countries  Pal
EC 415 Microeconomic Thry w/Calc Wooster
Undergraduate/Graduate Courses: Instructor:
EC 410/510 Top: Econ of Aging Keast
EC 410/510 Top: Cultural Economics Grant
EC 418/518 Economics Department Seminar Potiowsky (syllabus, outline)
EC 420/520 Money and Banking Pal
EC 427/527 Cost-Benefit Analysis Bluffstone
EC 431/531 Urban Economics Fruits
EC 437/537 Public Utility Econ Woods
EC 441/541 International Monetary Theroy and Policy Ito
EC 446/546 Institutional Econ Dean
EC 469/569 Introduction to Econometrics Cunningham (Draft version as of 12/30/16)
EC 472/572 Time Series Anlys & Forecasts Lin
Graduate Courses: Instructor:
EC 522-001 Econ of Sustainability Bluffstone
EC 571-001 Adv Econometrics Lin
EC 581-003 Advanced Microeconomics Mitra
EC 596-001 Research Project I Mitra