Certificate in Institutional Economics

Certificate in Institutional Economics

Institutional Economics focuses on connectedness between emerging and evolving structures of an economy and society and related economic outcomes. Students completing the Certificate in Institutional Economics would deepen their understanding of how institutions emerge, evolve and ultimately wield influences on economics outcomes. This Certificate Program welcomes the wisdom that students bring into the classroom. This includes (i) currently enrolled undergraduate students, (ii) postgraduate students, and (iii) members of the broader community. For students majoring in Economics or Quantitative Economics, earning this Certificate requires the completion of an additional 16 credits of approved elective courses. Please note that electives included in the Certificate in Institutional Economics do not count towards the Economics major.

Required Courses (12 credits):
Ec 201: Principles of Microeconomics (4)
Ec 202: Principles of Macroeconomics (4)
Ec 460: History of Economic Thought (4)
Elective Courses (16 credits)
Student may propose up to two alternative electives courses, inside or outside the Economics Department. Alternative electives will contribute to the understanding of economic institutions and meet the educational and career goals of the student.

Elective Courses are not Subject to Program Director Approval:
•    EC 332 - Environmental Economics (4)
•    EC 345 - Marxist Political Economy (4)
•    EC 350 - Economics of Developing Countries (4)
•    EC 417 - Women in the Economy (4)
•    EC 419 - Economics of Race and Ethnicity (4)
•    EC 442 - The Multinational Enterprise in the World Economy (4)
•    EC 443 - Global Environmental Economics (4)
•    EC 445 - Comparative Economic Systems (4)
•    EC 446 - Institutional Economics (4)
•    EC 447 - Economics of Transition (4)
•    EC 448 - East Asian Economic Development (4)
•    EC 456 - American Economic History: First Century (4)
•    EC 457 - American Economic History: 20th Century (4)
•    EC 465 - Labor Economics (4)

Other Requirements:
•    16 of the required 28 credits must be taken in residency with the Department of Economics at Portland State University. 
•    All courses must be taken for a grade (not P/NP), with a grade of C- or better.
•    Award of the Certificate in Institutional Economics requires a GPA in included courses of 2.00 or above.

If you have any questions about this certificate, please contact Professor John Hall, hallj@pdx.edu.