Carl Campbell Award

Carl Campbell grew up, impoverished, in Colorado. Nearly blind from a childhood disease, Campbell attended blind school and mastered the ability to read sideways. In spite of his handicap, recounts Professor John Walker, an associate, Campbell was able to get his Ph.D. in Economics at University of California, Berkeley. Before coming to Portland State University in 1963, Professor Campbell taught at Carlton College, Whitman College, and the University of Massachusetts. He came to teach at Portland State University in 1963.

Campbell specialized in Microeconomic theory and mathematical economics. According to Walker, Professor Campbell could teach the subject of Microeconomics like no other. He was greatly admired by his students, and was well liked by the faculty. He had a great sense of humor and was an all around "wonderful guy." 
This short biography of Carl Campbell is a work in progress. A simple WorldCat search did not turn up any of his publications. Further investigation is needed. Walker recalls that Campbell wrote a book on the subject of Microeconomics, called, "Essays in Flatland" but it was never published. In addition to being an economist, Campbell was a poet, though no published works have been found. His dissertation was, however, published. 

The faculty at Portland State University wish to remember Carl Campbell for his indomitable spirit and a career cut short from his untimely death of cancer in 1974.

   2019 Award Winner Mitchell J. Veele 

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