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The Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza is the result of the collaborative efforts of Portland State University students and faculty, local design firms and builders, and public agencies.

We are grateful for the support and partnership of our partners:

Metro provided the initial funding for the Living Walls research. This funding moved the project from an idea to the Plaza we have today. Metro organized multiple meetings with the designers and developers to ensure that the research outcomes had value to the community.

Coalition of Students Interested in Ecodistricts (COSIE) is a student-led group that has provided extraordinary volunteer time to the overall Plaza design strategy and the labor to complete the work.

Portland State University School of Architecture faculty and students provided leadership in designing, planning and executing the project. Architecture students contributed hundreds of volunteer and class hours to designing and building the planting bays, transporting and installing cobblestones, and creating furniture and the green roof. 

Portland State University Facilities and Planning. In addition to making the space available, a visionary group of staff provided financial support and expertise throughout the process.

Nevye Ngan Landscape Architects. The design consultant navigated the complex program in order to generate specific detailing for the Living Walls systems. One of the green wall systems is an innovative assembly designed by Nevye Ngan specifically for the Plaza.

Portland Parks and Recreation and the Historic Landmarks Commission made the cobblestone pavers, formerly used in Portland's streets, available for the Plaza.

Solterra donated significantly to their green wall system being employed in the Plaza.

Tournesol donated significantly to their green wall system being employed in the Plaza.

KPFF Engineers provided ongoing pro bono services on behalf of the Plaza.

ReBuilding Center donated recycled and salvaged materials for the green roof mockup.

Weld Metal Works provided pro bono student training in welding methods and on-site assistance.