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The Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza offers a publicly accessible space for our research and investigations in green building practices, materials and systems.

Our Story

In 2008, when Portland State University was planning to remove Campus Public Safety building that was then in place on the site of the Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza, PSU Architecture faculty members contacted Facilities and Planning and recommended that the School of Architecture use this territory for demonstration projects.  After some negotiations, the faculty was successful and the site has been transformed into the Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza.

Read about the July 10, 2012, grand opening of the Plaza here.

Our Mission

With access to new territory on campus, the project's mission became to engage community partners in the exploration of sustainable strategies while simultaneously generating a desirable public space. 

The parallel goals mean that we can test strategies under the real conditions of the city. Equally important, the public has complete access to the investigations taking place in the Plaza. Signage will be placed in the Plaza explaining the installations and research installed there, so that members of the public will be able to understand the work and learn along with us.