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Current Project

The installations in the Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza will rotate approximately every two years. Read on for information about the current research projects being conducted in the Plaza.

Living Wall Research Installations

Four vertical growing system bays were built by a group of students in the School of Architecture during the summer of 2011. These bays feature a variety of plants chosen specifically for the cardinal directions they face, since the quality and intensity of light and exposure to elements such as wind changes depending on whether they are facing north, south, east or west .

The "living walls" feature several different types of irrigation systems and monitoring equipment that will provide data on the quantity and quality of the water runoff from the walls. 


Green Roof Mockup for the Oregon Zoo

A team of Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Sciences students collaborated with SRG Partnership and the Oregon Zoo to design and build a mockup of a specific advanced green roof, now located on the north end of the Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza.  The mockup mimics the 30,000 sq. ft. Conservation Discovery Zone (CDZ) Eco-Roof that will be located at the Oregon Zoo and is intended to begin construction Summer 2013. 

The green roof mockup directly correlates with the slopes of the CDZ.  The intention is to investigate a variety of green roof substrates, drainage systems, soil depths and plant varieties to better inform the expected performance of the full scale sloped roof.  This mockup is 120 square feet and is primarily constructed of reused lumber donated from the Rebuilding Center. This project is funded by COSIE (Coalition of Students Interested in Eco districts) and will be fully equipped with monitoring technology.