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Tektronix Circuit Design and Testing Laboratory


The Tektronix Lab is the largest lab facility in the ECE department and supports the analog circuit design and analysis courses, the computer architecture and embedded systems classes, and special courses such as Electric Vehicles. The lab has thirty-three test benches, each of which is equipped with an oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter, and power supply. A small number of spectrum analyzers and logic analyzers are also accessible. One section of the lab has ARM- and Atom-based small computer boards for hardware interfacing experiments and device driver development. Large whiteboards and a ceiling-mounted LCD-projector are available for pre-lab discussions and student presentations.


FAB 60-01


All Benches

  • Oscilloscope (100 or 300 MHz, 4 channel analog)
  • Arbitrary Function Generator (16, 25, or 100 MHz)
  • Digital Multimeter (4.5 digit)
  • DC Power Supply (Triple output)
  • Computer

Some Benches

  • Spectrum Analyzer (3 GHz)
  • Logic Analyzer (100 MHz state, 136 ch)
  • Curve Tracer
  • LCR Meter
  • Microprocessor and power development boards
  • Laser printer


Phillip Wong