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Project Laboratories

The ECE Department has excellent facilities to support student projects and hands-on learning. 

Capstone & Digital Design Laboratory

FAB 60-04

Capstone students are provided with sets of standard measuring equipment, dedicated fabrication and test equipment, and a presentation/demonstration area as well as secure storage for projects. The lab also houses our digital signal processing equipment and sodering stations.

Electromagnetics, Optics & Acoustics Laboratory

FAB 60-08

This lab reinforces the "duality" that exists between the frequency and time-domains and contains instrumentation for both: a vector network analyzer (VNA) and a time-domain reflectometry (TDR) oscilloscope. The lab will support courses from junior electromagnetics to advanced graduate courses on RFIC, microwave circuit design, or radar processing.

Lab for Interconnected Devices (LID) & Prototyping Laboratory (EPL)

FAB 84-10

When you absolutely, positively, need to build an entire electronics project in a matter of hours, the EPL is your lab. Walk in with CAD files, and walk out with a 3D printed enclosure, laser cut faceplates, a PCB routed in our PCB router, and components reflowed on your board in our SMT reflow oven. Check our website for office hours and trainings, and begin getting your projects done faster.

Intel Laboratory 

FAB 55-17

The Intel lab contains 43 2.8 GHz Dell Precision T1500 machines. Of the 43 machines, 33 run Windows 7 and 10 Linux. These machines are used for programming and for IC design tools that work under Windows 7 or Linux. This lab and all of our other labs are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This lab has been supported by Intel Corporation.
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PGE Foundation Power Engineering Education Laboratory

FAB 25-03

The PGE Foundation power lab consists of four LabVolt power stations, which feature various three-phase power systems components including power supplies, prime movers, dynamometers, synchronizing modules, transformers, and loads, as well as rotating machines like synchronous and asynchronous motors/generators, split-phase motors and DC machines.  The protection lab features SEL digital relays & synchrophasors (311L, 351, 551), adaptive multi-channel sources (SEL-AMS), and automation controllers (2411, 3530), various electromechanical relays (time-overcurrent, directional overcurrent, auxiliary voltage and current), fuse & CT testing stations, and Tektronix oscilloscopes.  Students are exposed to industry-relevant software, including ETAP, PowerWorld, ATP and ASPEN.  Industry support for the lab has come from the PGE Foundation, SEL, Veris Industries, Tektronix, Portland General Electric and ETAP.

Tektronix Laboratory

FAB 60-01

The Tektronix lab at PSU contains 30 fully-equipped test stations that include 4-channel oscilloscopes, DVMs, programmable function generators, spectrum analyzers, programmable power supplies, and Pentium 4 PCs. This lab allows students to learn analog and digital lab skills using the latest test equipment from one of the world’s top instrument companies. This lab is supported by Tektronix.

VLSI Laboratory 

FAB 60-19

The VLSI lab contains 24 Sun Microsystems Sun Ray 2 thin-client systems. These systems all access UNIX on remote Sun servers. They have access to the "industry-strength" IC design tools from Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Synopsys, and many other companies. These tools allow students to learn VLSI design skills using the same tools they will later use on the job in industry.