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Lori Emerick
Lori Emerick

Instructor. Lori Emerick, MBA, is Principal at the Aspen Group and brings more than 20 years of organizational and leadership development experience across multiple industries and non-profit organizations. She has held leadership roles across HR, leadership development, diversity & inclusion, leadership team facilitation, and process excellence.   
Lori helps leaders and their organization solve complex problems. She is sought out for her collaborative, creative, and inclusive nature in the way she partners with clients. Lori is known as a truth-teller and delivers insights and solutions that probe deeply beyond the surface. Her approach includes artful questioning and candid commentary, resulting in transformational gains for leaders and their teams. 
Lori brings to the table strategic thinking, acute listening and synthesis, and deep practical experience to ensure organizations capitalize on opportunities that lie ahead. Through intentional and incisive leadership, she partners to assess, strategize, and implement decisions and change.