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Intelligent Sleep Mask Promises Better Sleep
Intelligent Sleep Mask Promises Better Sleep

The growth of fitness tracking devices in recent years has been nothing short of explosive.  The “Quantified Self” movement turns daily routines into data that can be parsed and analyzed for patterns that reveal how to improve everything from fitness and diet, to emotional wellbeing and other habits.  From apps to wearables, millions of people are turning to technology to optimize their lives and become a happier, more energetic and more productive version of themselves.

REMzen, a student start-up venture supported in part by Portland State’s entrepreneurial capstone program Launch-in-9, promises the next level of tracking intelligence to achieve a restful night’s sleep.  Dubbed the “smart sleep mask,” REMzen is a cushioned eye mask that offers an impressive set of features. It is also the only sleep tracker currently available that monitors a user’s REM cycles.

“To reap the greatest benefit, a person needs the correct ratio of REM to non-REM sleep. Other trackers typically rely on body temperature, heart rate and/or motion to infer the user’s state of rest,” explains Jeremiah Scott, REMzen Co-Founder & CEO.  “While these measurements may provide a general indication of a REM sleep state, it doesn’t reliably collect REM data which is as nuanced as it is critical.”

REMzen’s “Smartest Alarm” gently wakes an individual user with light at an optimal point within a pre-defined window of time.  Like other therapeutic alarm clocks, LEDs embedded inside the mask gradually emit a spectrum of light that transitions from red to blue mimicking the sun’s rays at dawn.  Because this light is only visible to the person wearing the sleep mask, the alarm is discrete and avoids disturbing others nearby.

For users looking to combat jet lag or catch a few winks on a long flight, the REMzen sleep mask also travels well.

“A sleep tracker that depends on motion to detect one’s sleep cycle will provide even more unreliable data if the user is in an environment that is not perfectly still – say a plane or train,” said Scott.

A product of the Launch-in-9, a PSU program that coaches students from the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science and the School of Business Administration through a nine-month bootcamp to transform a great idea into a startup company, REMzen is currently in a developmental stage and seeking beta testers to help refine the current prototype.

“We’ve had a tremendously warm reception from the Portland start-up community and investors.” Said Scott. “We have Portland State University and the Launch-in-9 program to thank for facilitating a font of connections with the right people to develop our business.  Now we’re looking for anyone interested in serious-level quantified self tech.  We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign with hopes of reaching them.”

If you would like to participate in bringing this product to market (or just looking for a good night’s sleep) visit the REMzen crowdfunding project page.

Presenting REMzen from Jeremiah Scott on Vimeo.

REMzen's RZ|X1 slumber mask is like a sleep lab that fits in the palm of your hand. Wake to rejuvenating natural light therapy and track the quality of your sleep with our ultra-comfortable slumber mask.