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The Schlesinger Family The Schlesinger Family
Meet Rahim Abbasi, Master in Real Estate Development (MRED) Student Meet Rahim Abbasi, Master in Real Estate Development (MRED) Student
Graduate Student
John Petersen, Advisory Board Chair John Petersen, Advisory Board Chair
I am honored to follow in the footsteps of our industry leaders who helped found and guide the Center for Real Estate to what it has become today.
Community Partnership
Julie C. Gibson Julie C. Gibson
Faculty Member
Meet Paul Aragon Meet Paul Aragon
Paul Aragon is an expert on business ethics and real estate law
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Matthew Gebhardt Meet Professor Matthew Gebhardt
Matthew Gebhardt knows how urban housing is development
Faculty Member
Meet Eric Ridenour Meet Eric Ridenour
Eric Ridenour will help your project profit from environmentally responsible practices.
Faculty Member
Meet David Aoyagi Meet David Aoyagi
David Aoyagi understands how to invest and manage commercial real estate.
Faculty Member
Meet Alan K. Brickley Meet Alan K. Brickley
Alan Brickley can draw up a condominium association agreement.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Ed Sullivan Meet Professor Ed Sullivan
Ed Sullivan is Oregon's leading expert on land use law
Faculty Member
Meet Jerald Johnson Meet Jerald Johnson
Jerald Johnson analyzes the market for new real estate developments.
Faculty Member
Meet Will Macht Meet Will Macht
Will Macht develops public-private partnerships.
Faculty Member
Meet Gerard Mildner Meet Gerard Mildner
Gerard Mildner understands how cities spend money.
Faculty Member