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Some ECE graduate students have B.S. or B.A. degrees in fields other than ECE. Graduate student applicants who do not have a B.S. degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering must obtain and demonstrate an acceptable level of knowledge of the material contained in the undergraduate Electrical and Computer Engineering classes. This is done by successfully completing a specified set of ECE undergraduate classes with a grade of “B” or better for each class. Applicants in this category should meet with the ECE Graduate Program Director or a designated adviser to determine the set of undergraduate classes appropriate for their specific program.

PSU has a post-baccalaureate (PB) program for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree but wish to take further courses for credit. This program is primarily intended for students who wish to earn a second bachelor’s degree in a new field. However, it is also useful to prospective graduate students who wish to take undergraduate and/or graduate classes to prepare for application to the graduate program. The advantages of obtaining PB status rather than just taking courses as a non-admitted student are that you can register for more than eight credits per quarter, and you can register for courses earlier than non-admitted students can.

To obtain PB status you must formal apply to the University for admission. The admission deadlines are the same as for ordinary graduate admission. A limit of 15 credits of graduate level work taken before formal admission can be applied to a master’s degree program.