Students have many opportunities outside of regular classes to enrich themselves, develop friendships, strengthen their skills, grow their knowledge, practice engineering, and have fun. We strongly recommend that students take advantage of at least one of the opportunities available to strengthen their engineering skills and to help distinguish their accomplishments and ability when it comes time to transition to the next stage of their career.

  • Research. Participation in research is one of the best ways to accomplish many of the benefits of extracurricular activities including better communication skills, application of systematic approaches to problems, improved critical thinking, and developing friendships that may be helpful during your career.
  • Teach. Volunteer to serve as a tutor, apply to be a teaching assistant, or become a grader.
  • Engineer. Learn more about the practice of engineering by working with engineers on real-world engineering problems with one of the many technology companies in the Portland metropolitan region.
  • Innovate. The college sponsors an Innovation Program for students who wish to work on innovative projects of their own choosing. 
  • Join. Working on a project in one of our activite student organizations is a great way to strengthen your engineering knowledge and skills and to get to know other students.