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Many faculty and students in the department are involved in research and knowledge creation. The menu at the left provides more information about our research programs.

Recent Research News

February 2015- Northwest Electromagnetics and Acoustic Research (NEAR) Lab Research Funded by The Office of Naval Research (ONR): Application of Density Estimation Methods to datasets Collected from a Glider
This is a three-year project funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), Marine Mammal and Biology Program, to evaluate the use of moving, unmanned platforms, such as ocean gliders, for marine mammal population density estimation studies. Read more here.

January 2015 -UEB PREP 
A 5 year Federal Grant of $548,483 has been awarded to Dr. Holly Lawson, Dr. Samuel Sennott, and Dr. Christof Teuscher for their project UEB PREP. Project UEB PREP will develop a web-based and mobile eLearning platform to train adult braille users, current and pre-service teachers of students with visual impairments, vision rehabilitation specialists, paraprofessionals, and parents of children with visual impairments in Unified English Braille. Read more here.

Research Laboratories

Please click here for a description of each of our laboratories.

Biologically Inspired Computing Lab (BICL) | Dan Hammerstrom, Director | EB 500 

Biomedical Signal Processing Laboratory | James McNames, Director | FAB 89-02 

Design Automation for VLSI & Emerging Technologies Laboratory | Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, Director | FAB 60-17

Evolvable Systems Laboratory | Garrison Greenwood, Director | FAB 70-06 

High Frequency Design and Measurement Lab | Branimir Pejcinovic, Director |FAB 60-23

IC Design and Test Laboratory |Robert Daasch, Director, Branimir Pejcinovic, Co-Director | FAB 60-24 

Intelligent Robotics Laboratory | Marek Perkowski, Director | FAB 70-09 

Northwest Electromagnetics and Acoustics Research Laboratory (NEAR-Lab) |Lisa Zurk, Director, Martin Siderius, Director | FAB 25-00, 25-01 

PGE Foundation Power Engineering Education Laboratory | Robert Bass, Director | FAB 25-03

Terahertz Laboratory | Lisa Zurk, Director | FAB 60-06 

Teuscher Lab: Emerging Computing Models and Technologies | Christof Teuscher, Director | FAB 60-11 

Verification Laboratory | Xiaoyu Song, Director | FAB 60-26 

Video Image Processing Laboratory (VIP) | Fu Li, Director | FAB 25-04