Mechanical Engineering Student Receives Prestigious NASA Fellowship
Author: Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science
Posted: October 5, 2017

Like a lot of young children, Rawand Rasheed had an interest in space. However, aliens and Star Wars were not what piqued his interest. When he was seven years old, the tragic Space Shuttle Columbia disaster occurred. Rawand recalls that he could not quite comprehend what happened, but knew that he wanted to learn more and from then on, he was fascinated by all things aerospace.


When it came time to determine what field he wanted to pursue, mechanical engineering was an obvious choice. Rawand was inspired by his undergraduate studies at Portland State University and stated, “The passion for everything I was learning really helped me excel in school.” He was most intrigued by his classes on fluid mechanics and was thrilled to team up with Professor Mark Weislogel, who specializes in finding methods to improve the transportation of fluids, especially in space.


Professor Weislogel, a former employee of NASA, was the one who recommended that Rawand apply for the NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship. The fellowship is designed to sponsor graduate students who show a strong potential to contribute to NASA’s goal to create new space technologies that contribute to science and exploration. Rawand was one of only 64 students chosen nationwide.


He begins his fellowship this fall under the supervision of Professor Weislogel. The title of their proposed technology is called, "Leidenfrost Driven Waste-Water Separator" and it is intended to support NASA's TA06 technology road map, "Human Health, Life Support, and Habitation Systems."


Rawand could not be more excited for this opportunity stating, “Since I was little I have been a huge fan of NASA, and all the things that they do. From the space shuttle and International Space Station, to all the discoveries they make about our universe. To say that I am now a part of that mission to provide the world with the gift of knowledge and inspiration is a dream come true for me.”