ETM Alumni Christophe Perrenoud and Tin Ngyuen showcase their work
Author: Engineering & Technology Management
Posted: March 6, 2015

When ETM alumni Christophe and Tin saw pictures of relief efforts after the Haiti earthquake they asked a simple question: How do people feed children, elderly, and the sick and injured who cannot eat dry emergency rations? A conversation with Mercy Core quickly confirmed - spoons are needed but can be a real logistical problems. This is how the idea for integrating eating utensils in food container lids was born. Christophe and Tin requested funding for prototyping through the MCECS Beta Project and went to work: in several iterations they developed a cheap, foldable spoon that fits into a container lid, is deep enough to safely hold hot liquids, and is easy to unfold by people with physical impairments. They presented their results yesterday at the Opening of the Laboratory for Interconnected Devices and the Beta Project Showcase. Congratulations!