Department of Architecture announces final review schedule for architectural design studios
Author: Karen O'Donnell Stein
Posted: May 30, 2012

As the academic year winds down, the Department of Architecture has announced the schedule of final reviews for its Spring 2012 architectural design studio classes. 

During the reviews, students present their projects and discuss their design choices with faculty from Architecture and other departments as well as professionals in the architecture and design community. Members of the public are welcome but are asked to contact the Department of Architecture offices (503-725-8405) in advance. 

June 4, 1pm Visual Communication 2 (Wendl, Ewoldt)

June 4, 4pm Design Fundamentals Studio 2 (J. Cooney, Kogut, Boscanin)

June 6, 1pm Architectural Design Studio 3 (Martin)

June 6, 6pm Architectural Design Studio 3 (Knights)

June 6, 6pm Visual Communication 1 (A. Cooney)

June 8, 4pm Architectural Design Studio 9 (Barton)

June 12, 1pm Architectural Computer Graphics 2 (Whelton)

June 13, 2pm Architectural Design Studio 3 (Griffin)