ECE Office Closure

As of March 16th our office is closed and faculty and staff are working remotely during our regular business hours. While the front desk may be staffed, it is only for deliveries. Please see the list below and the ECE Faculty page for contact information.

Professor James McNames: (Chair)
Rachelle Braido: 503-725-2839 (Department Manager)
Professor Don Duncan: 503-725-9044 (Associate Chair, Undergraduate Admissions)
Professor Doug Hall: 503-725-5396 (Associate Chair, Graduate Admissions)
Melisa Ćehajić: 503-725-3002 (Graduate Coordinator)
Kylie Green 503-725-3806 (Undergraduate Coordinator)
Nate Rose 503-725-2635 (Program Administrator)
Phillip Wong: 503-725-5413 (Instructor and Lab Coordinator)
Chris Clark: (Program Manager, Electronics Prototyping Lab)

Please visit the PSU Coronavirus Response Page for the latest updates from Portland State.