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2020 ECE Awards


Best Undergraduate Instructors: Mark Faust and Douglas Hall
Best Graduate Instructor: Mark Faust
Best Adjunct Instructor: Ataur Patwary
Most Available Professor: Mark Faust
Most Helpful Staff Member: Kylie Green
Most Helpful Student Tutor: Rajeev Moghe
Best Teaching Assistants: Surakshith Reddy Mothe and Roberto Genovesse
Best Research Advisor: Douglas Hall


Outstanding PhD Students: Sahar Daraeizadeh, Tylor Slay, and Xianzhen Yang
Outstanding MS Students: Tyler Hull, Philippe Proctor, and Zach Stamler
Outstanding Undergraduate Students: Jack Chen, Kirk Jungles, and Sean Keene
Outstanding TAs: Shahad Alomani, Thanh Le, and Surakshith Reddy Mothe
Outstanding Student Service: Kris Getts, Wiwin Hartini, and Christine Jigau
Journal Article Recognition: Haider Al-Kanan, Siyuan Yan, Xianzhen Yang, Nasr Alkhafaji, Madeleine Roche, Kevin Marnell, Manasseh Obi, Thomas Clarke, Tylor Slay, Sahar Daraeizadeh, Peng Gao, Yiwei Li, Swetha Mettala Gilla, Walt Woods, Jack Chen, Mohammad Taha

ECE Departmental Scholarships

Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty Scholarship: Jonathan Stanescu and Brandon Hippe
Electrical & Computer Engineering Endowed Scholarship: Hoang Nguyen
Electrical & Computer Engineering Scholarship for Equity in Engineering: Jimena Boyzo Altamirano, Dulce Castillo, and Kateryna Svitelska

MCECS Scholarships

Chik and Ulku Erzurumlu Endowed Scholarship: Christopher Faber
James and Shirley Rippey Family Foundation Scholarship: Hoang Nguyen, John Sharpe, Grace Semerjian, Gabriel Heiken
Laurels Scholarship: Satya Keerthi Vendra
Maseeh College Academy of Distinguished Alumni Scholarship: Karla Barraza Lopez
Navarette Scholarship for Equity in Engineering and Computer Science: TIffani Shilts
Ralph and Jean Quinsey Scholarship: Karla Barraza Lopez
Vatheuer Family Foundation: Gerardo Garcia-Becerra
Charles and Miriam Rosenthal Scholarship for Engineering and Computer Science: Agustin Lopez Vera
Dr. Abdul Qayum Endowed Graduate Fellowship: Ann Veena John