ECE News and Events

2019 ECE Awards


Best Undergraduate Instructor: Dr. Donald Duncan and Dr. Richard Campbell
Best Graduate Instructor: Dr. John Lipor
Best Adjunct Instructor: Dr. Daniel Rouseff
Most Available Professor: Dr. Fu Li
Most Available Professor: Dr. Donald Duncan
Best Contributing Alumnus: John Reiman
Most Helpful Staff Member: Theresa Somrak and Nate Rose
Most Helpful Student Tutor: Wiwin Hartini
Best Teaching Assistant: Thanh Le
Best Research Advisor: Dr. Branimir Pejcinovic


Outstanding PhD Students: Siyuan "Louis" Yan, Edison Tsai, and Satya Keerthi Vendra
Outstanding MS Students: Phillip Kearns, Ting Wang, and Xiaoqiao Mu
Outstanding Undergraduate Students: Hoang Nguyen, Jian Meng, and Tyler Hull
Outstanding TAs: Yiwei Li, Satya Keerthi Vendra, Thanh Le, and Zachary Bohley
Outstanding Student Service: Melih Erdogan and Steven Bagdasarians
Journal Article Recognition: Muhammad Ali, Haider Al-Kanan, Yiwei Li, Edison Tsai, Walter Woods, Siyuan "Louis" Yan, Xianzhen "Scott" Yang

ECE Departmental Scholarships

Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty Scholarship: Ngan Ho and Tai Pham
Electrical & Computer Engineering Endowed Scholarship: Kevin Marnell

MCECS Scholarships

Maseeh Fellowship: Madeleine Roche
Chik and Ulku Erzurumlu Endowed Scholarship: Hoang Nguyen 
FIRST Robotics Scholarship: Devon Mickels and Jennifer Lara
Gail Katz Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund: Karla Barraza Lopez
Henry & Janice Schuette Engineering Endowed Scholarship: Lawrence Pang
James and Shirley Rippey Family Foundation Scholarship: Eric Aki and Mary Bolos
Mat Haug Scholarship: Dennis Sorokin
PacifiCorp Foundation for Learning—Don C. Frisbee Endowed Engineering Scholarship: Brayam Cruz Garcia
PGE Foundation Scholarship: Christine Jiague
Smith Toolbox Scholarship: Adam Provost and Hannah Mortimer
TigerStop Engineering Scholarship: Se Min Park