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The Job Resource Center is a website featuring many job and internship opportunities specifically for the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. If you have already registered on the Job Resource Center, please check back regularly as jobs and internships are updated daily. All student information is kept private and confidential.


MECOP: The Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program.
An organization of 65 local companies, institutions, and government agencies that provide structured mentored internships to CS and Engineering students at PSU and Oregon State, normally at the completion of their Sophomore year. For more information, call MCECS Student Services at 
(503) 725-4631.


MentorNet's One-on-One Mentoring Programs pair engineering and science community college, undergraduate, and graduate students, postdocs and untenured faculty as proteges with professionals from all sectors as mentors for one-on-one, email-based mentoring (e-mentoring) relationships.

For Employers

To add a job posting please send an email to with the following information:

  • Position Title
  • Duration (e.g. permanent, hourly, short-term, 3-month internship, 6-month internship)
  • Qualifications (e.g. experience, degrees, field)
  • Compensation (optional)
  • Company Name
  • Company Web Site (optional)
  • Company Location
  • Position Description
  • Application Instructions (Please include application deadline, otherwise we may not post. Postings will be deleted after two months unless a specific date is given.)
  • Contact Information Including:
    • Contact Person
    • US Mail Address
    • Phone (optional)
    • Fax (optional)
    • Email (optional)
  • Instructions on how to obtain further information (e.g. web site with more details)