Advisory Boards

As part of our process for continuously improving our programs and the quality of our graduates, we regularly meet with our alumni and members of local industry for advising. We use an unusual structure for our advisory meetings and limit meeting attendance at each meeting to no more than eight advisors. This ensures each member of the advisory board has time to contribute to the discussion and share their insights and ideas. Our pool of advisors work at all levels from individual contributor to CEO of companies such as Mentor Graphics, HP, Intel, and Tektronix.

Industrial Advisory Board 

The objectives of ECE’s Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) are to provide feedback on strengths and weaknesses of recent graduates from our B.S. and M.S. programs, advise the faculty on how to best prepare our students for engineering careers, provide opportunities for students to apply for engineering positions and internships, promote our students and advocate our programs to the engineering companies within the region, and to provide program feedback as part of our continuous improvement and ABET accreditation processes.

Our IAB membership includes representation from many companies in the Portland region that hire graduates from our programs and develop technologies that include electrical and computer engineering.

Current Board Members

Mark Adams
Senior Vice President

Kevin Foster
Talent Advisor

Thomas Freni

Ed Godshalk
Director of Electro-Magnetics Group, TR&D
Maxim Integrated Products

Erik Hale
Project Director
Power Engineers

Ryan Hoppes

Kyle Kohne
Communication and Grid Modeling

Lauren Krueger
Interface Engineering

Jay Landstrom
Manager, T&D Asset management

Ataur Patwary

Rick Pier