Early Childhood Council
Gateway to Early Childhood

PSU supports community-engaged, interdisciplinary research, education, and action in Early Childhood.

What is recognized today—that the issues of achievement gaps, success in school, productivity, responsible citizenship, and social well-being—all go back to supports in the earliest years of life.

The intersection of supports for young children and families is at the heart of the work of PSU, and Portland State University is uniquely placed as Oregon’s only public urban university.

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The Early Childhood Council was developed to serve as a gateway to the programs, supports, degrees, research, and professional development opportunities that happen in early childhood at PSU. Learn more about the Early Childhood Council and EC Activities.

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The Early Childhood Council at PSU is the region’s leader in interdisciplinary and innovative community partnerships creating opportunities for professional development, research, advocacy, and services to children and families.

Mission Statement

The Early Childhood Council provides leadership, through collaboration, engagement, and communication, to prioritize the interdisciplinary expertise needed to promote the holistic nature of early childhood within the metropolitan area and beyond. Given the dynamic and complex nature of early childhood, we recognize the strong collective impact of interdisciplinary supports and community voice, such as: family support; special needs and early intervention; health, mental health and nutrition; and, early care and education.