DDT News

PSU Ph.D. Candidate Drew Wollman completes surpasses 1300 drops and graduates!

(Dr.) Andrew (Drew) Wollman has set a DDT record of over 1,300 drops. His exposure to low-g capillary fluidics in drop towers is increasingly valuable for the economical study of micro-gravity phenomena relevant to advanced fluid systems for spacecraft. It is also quite rare.

Over 6,750 drops have been completed since inauguration: June 16, 2010. By ganging cameras and experiments onboard a single drop rig we have been able to collect over 13,000 test points in just over 6,750 drops. We can operate in fast turn-around mode and have successfully conducted 105 drops in an 8 hour day. With 4 test cells used for each experiment we collected 420 data points in a single day. For automated experiments we have demonstrated 17 drops/hr. Our drops continue to focus on capillary fluidics, phase change heat transfer, combustion, and field effects on large drops and bubbles.