Reasonable Accommodations

When disability-related accommodations are necessary, we are here to collaborate with you to develop a plan that allows you to complete the essential requirements of your program and courses. No matter the disability, no matter how long you've had the disability, we are here to partner with you to develop reasonable accommodations to allow for equal opportunities to your education. Reasonable accommodations support your access to education and university life at P.S.U., and can be made in the following environments: classroom, testing, campus housing, internships, clinical/fieldwork placements, and any other environments that are required for your degree.

How to Receive Accommodations at P.S.U.

In order to receive accommodations for a disability, you need to register with the Disability Resource Center. Here is how:

  1. Fill out the application in DRC Online and schedule an initial appointment with a DRC Access Counselor & Consultant (AC&C). Contact the front desk at 503-725-4150,, or stop by our office at S.M.S.U. 116. At this appointment, you and your AC&C will discuss the specific impact of your disability in an academic setting. At the conclusion of this interactive process, your AC&C will determine which accommodations would support your access to education and university life at P.S.U.

  2. Submit documentation from a qualified provider that supports your requests for accommodations. This may be provided before, during, or after your initial appointment. However, services will not be active until we receive, review, and determine that the provided documentation is sufficient. Please see the Documentation Guidelines for further information. If you are requesting the use of a support animal or other accommodations in P.S.U. Campus Housing, please visit our Accessible Housing at P.S.U. page for more information.

  3. Once you and a DRC AC&C have met and discussed your accommodation requests and accessibility needs, and sufficient documentation has been provided, reasonable accommodations which will support your access to education and university life at P.S.U. will be identified.

  4. We will orient you to your specific services and guide you through the process of activating your service request each term for each course. After you complete your service requests, your instructors will receive your faculty letter, which identifies you as a student registered with the DRC and lists the accommodations you have chosen for their classes.

Initiating Your Accommodations Each Term

After you've met with a DRC professional and you learn that you are eligible for reasonable accommodations at P.S.U., you will need to do an online service request for each class each term. There is a helpful tutorial on how to enter your service request to guide you through the process. Remember that you can see a list of your accommodations by navigating to and selecting "My Eligibility".

If you need any assistance, during this process please contact the DRC at 503-725-4150. You can schedule an appointment or visit us during drop-in hours (12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday).