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Email Communication Policy

I. Policy Statement
It is the policy of Portland State University that the University e-mail system is an appropriate medium for official communications from the University to employees and students. It is the responsibility of employees and students to receive such communications and to respond to them as may be necessary.

II. Reason for Policy/Purpose
The University must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with employees and students in order to conduct official University business. E-mail is an appropriate medium for such communication and supports University goals regarding cost efficiency, expediency, and sustainability. This policy is not intended to limit the use of communication tools for pedagogical uses or reasons.

III. Applicability
This Policy applies to all employees and students.

IV. Definitions
Official Communications. Communications from the University to students and employees, previously often sent by U.S. mail, that are important and that may trigger an obligation for the recipient to respond.

Unversity E-mail Account. The "" e-mail account assigned by the PSU Office of Information of Technology.

University E-mail System. The "" enterprise e-mail system managed by the PSU Office of Information Technology. 

Read the full policy, including rights and responsibilities (PDF)