On Campus Resources

Our on campus resources are here to assist and provide further information for DREAMER students.


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MRS - Latino/a Student Services

Latino Student Services provides academic support and connections to new incoming freshman, transfer and continuing students.   L.S.S provides a supportive and welcoming environment for Latino students as they transition to the P.S.U academic environment. L.S.S assists students who are seeking a cultural connection to the Portland State University campus by connecting them to student groups and faculty, an essential component to achieving academic success.

Contact Info: Emanuel Magana

email: emagana@pdx.edu             

(503) 725-4457    


La Casa Latina

La Casa Latina Student Center is a hub on campus where Latin@ (gender neutral for Latina/Latino) students and their allies come together to build and connect with community, develop leadership skills, empower their individual and collective identities, and participate in services that support academic success. The mission of La Casa Latina is to attract Latin@ students to Portland State University, and provide cultural, social and academic services and programs that enhance the quality of Latin@ student life. We also seek to raise awareness on our campus of the rich diversity of Latin@s across campus.

Contact Info: Pedro S. Torres

email: pstorres@pdx.edu 

(503) 725-4461


Office Of The Registrar

Incoming PSU students can contact the Office of The Registrar to learn more about tuition equity and how to apply for in-state tuition.

Contact Info: Megan Masterson

email: askres@pdx.edu

(503) 725-5525


Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services (SLS) offers free and confidential immigration consultations to PSU students eligible for our services. Students can schedule an appointment or drop-in for services every week, though slots can get filled quickly.

Contact Info: Main Office



Office of Global Diversity & Inclusion


GDI can provide advocacy if you feel that you have been unfairly discriminated against or feel that you have been the target of injustice on campus.


(503) 725-5919