Native Center Advisory Board

Board Members

Ex Officio

Dean Azule, NASCC Student Services,

Alina Begay, NASCC Manager,

Melissa Bennett, NASCC Program Coordinator,

Dr. CeCe Ridder, DMSS Executive Director,


Voting Members

Judy Bluehorse Skelton, Faculty Representative

Lois Chilcott, Community Representative

Donita Fry, Community Representative

Rose Hill, Community Representative

Theresa Kaimanu, Faculty Representative

Melissa parsons, NASCC Tribal Liaison

Holly Partridge, NASCC tribal Liaison

Cornel Pewewardy, Faculty Representative

Julie Smith, Staff Representative

Darren Acoba, Pacific Islanders Club

Idallis Riggs, UISHE 

Christina Uh, AISES


NOTICE: There are 4 positions open. Please apply if you are interested.

The positions open are:

  • 2 civic leaders
  • 1 PSU faculty/staff representative
  • 1staff representative
  • Board Support

Civic Leader - Civic leaders are individuals that own or operate a business/organization or are connected with political/social organizing. These positions outreach  to local indigenous based businesses and organizations. These positions keep external organizations informed about what is going on at the NASCC. The person(s) are also responsible for sharing what is happening in the business and organizing community with NASCCAB members. The two civic leader representatives cannot be from the same organization, business or political organization.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact, the Center Reception for more information, or see the application below.