Leadership Team

Cultural Resource Centers Leadership Team

The Cultural Resource Centers Leadership Team is comprised of three student-centered entities that promote professional development, leadership advancement and cultural awareness. Opportunities to get involved include employment openings from Receptionists to Public Relations & Marketing to Administrative positions. We also host a Programming Team that works in a highly co-collaborative/creative environment to develop events, activities and productions. 

For more information about these positions, please visit the Position Descriptions page. To learn how you can get involved, please visit the Leadership Opportunities page. 

Cultural Resource Centers Student Worker Team

Asma Aba

Booking Agent

My name is Asma Aba. I am double majoring with a Bachelor's in Arabic and Social Sciences, with a minor in Psychology. I intend to use the experiences and skills I obtain from my degree and apply them to any career field I decide to pursue in the future. My hobbies include reading books, learning languages, and hanging out with friends. I also hope to gain new experiences, leadership skills, and build friendships as a member of the Cultural Resource Centers' Leadership Team.


Darius Ortega

Darius Ortega

Special Projects

Hello, my name is Darius and I am a junior at Portland State University. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and was fortunate enough to come to Portland for my choice of higher education. I am majoring in Health Studies: School Health Education and minoring in Secondary Education. Aside from working at the Cultural Resource Centers, I also work as a Peer Health Educator (WHAT) on campus. I am proud to be a part of the Cultural Resource Centers' team to help demonstrate equity and diversity in higher education.


CRC Student Worker

Lupita Velazquez

NASCC Student Programming Assistant

My name is Lupita Velazquez and I am a freshman at Portland State University. I am a major in the Social Sciences. I was inspired to do social justice work from my internship for OPAL Environmental Justice as an organizer in training this summer.




Kyra BerryKyra Berry


Hi, everyone. My name is Kyra Berry. I am a sophomore here at Portland State University. I am a double major in Accounting and Finance. I hope to pursue a career as a Financial Manager after graduating. I am originally Southern California and graduated with Honors from Junipero Serra High School located in Gardena, California. This past summer I represented Portland State University at LeaderShape, a leadership training program. I also volunteered at the Special Olympics World Games, which was hosted in Los Angeles. I enjoy watching sports and making new friends in my spare time.


Oscar Galeana


Hi, my name is Oscar Galeana and I am currently a freshman attending Portland State University. I’m from Tualatin, Oregon and I’m majoring in Finance. I enjoy playing basketball, soccer, going hiking and of course sleeping. I am an active member of the GANAS program and I work as a Receptionist at the Multicultural Student Center.



Melissa Bui


I am Melissa Bui and I am Vietnamese but I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I was raised in a very diverse environment and I was able to learn English and Vietnamese at the same time. I am currently a sophomore at Portland State University. When I am not in school I enjoy traveling, camping, fishing, and knitting scarves. I have been working at La Casa Latina and the Multicultural Student Center since October.



Aileen Sarabia


Hi there! My name is Aileen Sarabia. I am a freshman at Portland State University this year with a Major in Health Sciences. I’m excited to be a part of the Cultural Resource Centers’ team and to meet new people. If you see me around please say "Hi", I promise I’ll say "Hi" back! My hobbies are playing with makeup, and hanging out with friends and family.



Alex Herrera


Hey, my name is Alex Herrera, and I’m a freshman at Portland State University! I come from Aurora, Colorado and I’m majoring in Political Science, with a focus on Public Service, and double minoring in English and Women's Studies. After school, I hope to pursue a law degree and practice at a local firm. I like to read, hike, explore, and learn from the world around me. Also, I’m super into coffee, so if that’s your thing, hit me up! I’m pretty laid back and friendly so feel free to come by the Centers and say "Hi!"



Francisco Zamora


Hello my name is Francisco Zamora, and I’m a freshman at Portland State University. I am planning on majoring in Social Work. I like to explore, try new foods and go hiking. I am very excited for my first year at Portland State University and I am very excited to be a Receptionist at the Multicultural Student Center and La Casa Latina this year!



Bernadine Royer


I am a senior, majoring in Social Science and Business. I am from the Caribbean.  Presently, I am representing the Cultural Resource Centers for Social Sustainability Month. I enjoy singing, dancing cooking and traveling. I also enjoy meeting new people and making friends.




Joe Soto


My name is Joe R. Soto. I am originally from the San Francisco Bay area. I am a non-traditional student majoring in music with an emphasis in voice. I love all types of music and art. I also enjoy spending time outdoors.




Vivien Tsang


Hi! My name is Vivien Tsang and I am in my first year at Portland State University. My major is Biology, and I hope to become an oncologist in the future. I like music, art and also traveling. This is my first year on the Receptionist team.




Deidra Mcknight


Deidra was once a “military brat” whose hometown was everywhere and nowhere, but hopes to call Portland her official home. She is a first year student at Portland State University, majoring in Graphic Design, and is currently learning the Korean language. She loves working with people and sharing stories. Deidra is someone who is open to being friends with anyone and hopes to learn more about the unique community in Portland.


Dang Ha


Hi, my name is Dang Ha and I am a super senior at Portland State University. I am the first in my family to attend college, pursuing a degree in Science with a Biology minor. I am the Event Coordinator for the Portland State Pre-Dental Club. This is my second year as a Research Assistant for the Biology Department, working on zebra fish DNA. I enjoy spending my free time exploring Oregon's wilderness. My hope is to one day get into dental school and eventually work in under-served communities. 


Rachely Guzman

Reception/PR & Marketing

My name is Rachely Navarro and it is my third year here at Portland State University. I am majoring in Speech and Hearing Science, with a minor in Psychology, and hope to be an audiologist in the near future. I also try to stay involved in school as much as I can, and have helped start a Latina-based Sorority on campus, Kappa Delta Chi, and we try to help out our community through service. 



Cultural Resource Centers Programming Team

Michelle Harn

Michelle Harn

Hello, my name is Michelle Harn and I am a transfer junior from Pacific University, majoring in Art History. I am a native to Portland, Oregon. I speak both Japanese and English and look to improve relationships with the international Japanese students. I grew up with an influence of different cultures, which has led to my interest in cultures other than my own. Traveling is my main inspiration, but when I've spent all my money, I enjoy family time, spending time in the sun, hiking, TED Talks, and dancing hula. Looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things! 


Julian Bugarín

Hello! I am Julian Bugarín, a junior at Portland State University, where I am majoring in Social Science, with a certificate in Chicano/Latino Studies and a minor in Spanish. I also work as part of the front desk staff at the Queer Resource Center. My hobbies during my free time are cooking, baking, and sitting for hours in the Latino section at Powell's. This is my first year as part of the Programming Team at the Cultural Resource Centers, and I am so excited to be able to help create more events centering marginalized communities, especially people who have intersectional identities. This year will definitely be busy for me, but I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Rachel Black Elk

Rachel is Oglala Lakota and Lumbee. She transferred to Portland State University from Portland Community College-Cascade Fall 2014. Currently, she is majoring in Psychology and minoring in the Indigenous Nations Studies program. Rachel is also involved with the NDNSS Mentor Program, UISHE, NASCC front desk, and the Cultural Resource Centers' Programming Team. She enjoys roller skating, bowling, hiking,and making tea for her friends and family! 


Kevin Holden

Kevin is an amazing luminous fountain. They appreciate art and music, but struggles sometimes to make those things. They’re majoring in Art Practices, and also work as the Marketing Coordinator at the Queer Resource Center. If they’re not at PSU, then they’re probably riding the Max. Kevin’s goal is to one day own a dog named Furrcault and a cat named Purrcault.


Brizna Garcia

I am a senior majoring in Community Health and minoring in Psychology. I am interested in working with minorities and children. I hope to help bring access to communities in need and motivating them to enter higher education. I hope to make communities aware of resources that will help them to succeed and work as an example that it is possible to move upward in life. I later hope to come back to school as a graduate student and eventually work in policy to make sure that everyone acquires the skills required to live long healthy lives with optimal health.



Nelson Yi Chung Ng Tan

My name is Nelson Ng Tan. I was born in Venezuela, and lived there for about 12 years, and then lived in China to study the Chinese language and Chinese culture because my family is Chinese. This is my third year at Portland State University, and I am taking sophomore classes. My major is Business Marketing and also Advertising. I enjoy all kinds of sports. I used to train table tennis, and also play other sports. Now I am most enjoying playing badminton, and I am the officer and member of the Portland State University Badminton Club. I also enjoy different countries cultures and music, I love handcrafted work and art. This year I am a member of the Cultural Resource Centers' Programming Team! 

Shadi Al-Khaledi

Shadi is an international transfer student from Yemen. He first came to the United States in 2012 as a high school exchange student. Moving to Turkey, he studied architecture at Zirve University for two years and most importantly, learned how to speak Turkish. Shadi is a multi-cultural student and the product of a Syrian mother and a Yemeni father. Since he became a part of Portland State University, he has worked with the International Special program at PSU and is also a Senator with the ASPSU student government. Apart from academics, Shadi loves dancing and traveling. 

Grace Tumwebaze

I’m Grace, a sophomore, majoring in Community Health. I was born in Uganda, and have constantly seen people especially children not having the right tools and health benefits in their society, causing a lot of diseases which could have been preventable in the first place. Also, children don't really have the money and right tools to go to school and learn more about these health benefits, which raises a big risk in the communities as a whole. That's why I wanted to look into community health, to be able to supply free education tools, and supplies for the children and teach, train people in the community how to prevent diseases that might endanger their lives. Joining the Programming Team is an honor, because it's going to teach me leadership skills, which will be helpful in my future career.

Saori Wada

Hello! My name is Saori Wada. I am an international student from Kobe, Japan and a senior majoring in International Development with a focus on Africa. I speak Japanese, English, and French and would love to learn more. I am passionate about engaging with people and I believe in the power of community. I love cooking, baking, hiking, traveling, and exploring new things! I have volunteered at the PSU Food Pantry, the Women’s Resource Center as a Student Support Specialist, and also worked with International Special Programs. I am honored and excited to be a member of the Cultural Resource Centers' Programming Team!