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D.M.S.S is a unit within Global Diversity and Inclusion. There are seven departments within the D.M.S.S unit: Pre-College (TRiO), Student Support Services (TRiO), Retention Programs and Services, Disability Resource Center, Cultural Resource Centers, Student Legal Services and the Veterans Resource Center. We also have one facility, the Native American Student and Community Center. You can find information on each department on the menu to the left of the page. 

Our goals are:

  • Develop more pathways to student success.
  • Enhance civic engagement through partnerships.
  • Improve or build new community relationships.
  • Maintain a student centered and inclusive environment.
  • Continue to support students in an increasingly global environment.
  • Improve Communication.


  • VACANT, Assistant Vice President for Diversity & Multicultural Student Services
  • Perla Pinedo (perlap@pdx.edu), Director of Multicultural Retention Services
  • Cynthia Gómez (gomezc@pdx.edu), Executive Director of Cultural Resource Centers
  • Linda Liu (llliu@pdx.edu), Program Director, TRiO Student Support Services
  • Phillip Dirks (dirksr@pdx.edu), Program Director, TRiO Upward Bound & Educational Talent Search
  • Jen Dugger (jen.dugger@pdx.edu), Director of the Disability Resource Center
  • Richard Slottee (slottee@pdx.edu), Director of Student Legal Services
  • Walter Ghant, Director of the Veterans Resource Center



Diversity & Multicultural Student Services Annual Report [2017 - 2018].pdf

Diversity & Multicultural Student Services Annual Report [2016 - 2017].pdf

Diversity & Multicultural Student Services, link to Annual Report 2015-2016, this is an internal PSU google site. If you do not have a PSU login but want to see the report, please contact us. 


Diversity & Multicultural Student Services Annual Report [2014 - 2015].pdf

Diversity & Multicultural Student Services Annual Report [2013 -2014]

Diversity & Multicultural Student Services Organizational Chart [2019-2020]

In the fall of 2016, Diversity and Multicultural Student Services (DMSS) embarked on a process
to review departments utilizing the Council for the Advancement of Standards in HigherEducation (CAS). CAS sets professional standards for the field of higher education, fulfilling athree-fold purpose:
● to foster and enhance student learning and development;
● to recognize and promote fundamental and indispensable standards of practice and theassessment of related programmatic and student outcomes; and
● to provide a foundation to develop, guide, assess, and improve programs and services.
Read about our assessment project and outcomes in the following report. 


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Diversity at PSU is a critical part of student learning and education. Our role in Diversity and Multicultural Student Services is to honor the diversity of all people and to create a supportive and empowering experience for our students. Whether it is attending an event to explore identity, speaking with an advisor to choose the right academic path, or learning how to navigate the university in the best way possible, we believe in a holistic approach to developing students. The role of alumni, donors and friends continue to make it possible for our students to succeed. 



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