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Community-Based Learning (Help an African Child to Become Self Reliant)
Author: World Languages & Literatures
Posted: November 21, 2013

Do you…

  • Have any interest in Africa?
  • Believe in Empowerment rather than handouts?
  • Believe in Education and early intervention?
  • Want to make a change in someone’s life.
  • Want to put your skills to good use?
  • Speak one language, and you want to learn another, or speak two or more languages?
  • Know math, science, English, or writing?
  • Want to help K-12?

If so, we need you to tutor and mentor immigrant students preferably from Africa living within the Portland metro area.

Community-Based Learning
FL 404: Language, Literacy, & Leadership
Winter 2013: MW 10:00-11:50 FL 404 CRN 44939
Sponsored by World Languages & Literature

Do you want to experience—multilingualism, multiculturalism, and student success in a service-learning environment?

This course pairs PSU students with non-native speakers of English within after-school programs in the Portland metro area for the purpose of mentoring refugees, not necessarily in their own languages, but having a second language will be a plus.

On Mondays at PSU, we will explore the life of rural and urban children in Africa and specifically East Africa through a series of movies. We will also discuss topics in mentoring, tutoring, education, languages, cultures, and literatures of Africa quite often with professionals in the field.  On Wednesdays or any other day of your choice, you will be mentoring and tutoring non-native speakers of English in an assigned location. You will interact with students who speak Swahili, Maay Maay, Oromo, Amharic, Lingala, Nepali, Karen, Arabic, and others. 

You will be required to provide tutoring for at least two hours per week. 

  • Counts toward degrees in World Languages & Literatures and in International Studies
  • Leads to a PSU Capstones "Effective Change Agent", and "Global PDX: Migrant Children".

For more information contact: Josphat Waruhiu

World Languages & Literatures