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DKB Goals

The original goals of the DKB are laid out below.


The Krim and Bom languages will be recorded in various media (audio recordings, videotapes, and still photography), all to be archived finally in digital format in local communities (in community-determined formats), at national and international sites, and at the Primary Investigator's home university, Portland State University. Variety and representativeness will be sought in terms of both genre and speakers. Analysis and dissemination to the world academic community will follow.


This will be done at various levels of stakeholder constituencies. At the most immediate level, consultancy, guidance, and cooperation will be sought, as it will be at the university level. It is hoped that this involvement will lead to some commitment beyond the project itself.


Native and non-native participants will be trained in how to do linguistic fieldwork, in accordance with their backgrounds and abilities. This training includes data collection, analysis, and materials production. This will allow project participants to carry on the work (or related work) at the end of the project, as well as equip them with the skills and resources with which to maintain or revitalize Bom, Krim, or any other language.

In addition, project materials will revert to communities at both the local and university levels, so that resources are available for a continuation of the project’s activities and a reaffirmation of language and culture.