Reports on African American, African, Black and Asian American, Asian, Pacific Islander Student Success

Portland State University is committed to providing all members of its community, including students, staff, faculty, and administrators, a welcoming learning and working environment that is diverse, inclusive, and where individuals and groups can thrive. As we are working in these unchartered times, we recognize that it is important that PSU continues to uphold its mission and work to make the campus environment more equitable, diverse and inclusive.

In 2015, PSU students organized a “Students of Color Speak Out”. At this event, many students shared personal experiences of racial injustices and challenges with curriculum content, campus spaces, and climate.

As a result, two task forces were created to research the current state of African American, African, Black and Asian American, Asian, Pacific Islander students and to provide a report on the collected data along with recommendations to address the needs of these two specific underrepresented student groups and the impact on employee populations.

Despite the changes in Presidential leadership during the last three years (the reports were completed in 2017) that prevented the dissemination of these reports (noted below), Interim President Percy, the incoming Vice President of Global Diversity and Inclusion and I are committed to promoting transparency and initiatives that advance equity and inclusion at Portland State University and releasing them to the community now. This year, Interim President Percy appointed numerous Presidential Fellows to address diversity, equity and inclusion, including Marshawna Williams to address the African American, African, & Black Student Success task force report and will be appointing Dr Betty Izumi and Bree Kalima to address the Asian-American, Asian & Pacific Islander Student Success task force reports. We acknowledge the delay in sharing these reports with the greater campus community and acknowledge the diligence and careful work from the task force members in creating the following reports.


We believe it is important to share these reports with the PSU community to gain additional feedback to further guide diversity, equity and inclusion work across campus. We recognize that climate and culture evolve, and perceptions may have changed over the last three years. PSU community members are encouraged to review the reports and provide any insight, feedback or suggestions using the Report Feedback Form.