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Diversity Action Council Members 2015-2016

DAC Leadership Team:

Christian Aniciete, (Co-Chair)
Maria Tenorio, (Co-Chair)   
Patrick Villaflores,   

DAC Subcommittees:

President’s Diversity Awards Ceremony Planning Subcommittee:
Co-Chairs: Shannon Aniciete, and Patrick Villaflores,   

Cultural Competency Training Series Subcommittee:
Co-Chairs: Cynthia Gomez,, Kirsten Keith, and Christian Aniciete,

Blog/Communications Subcommittee:
Co-Chairs: Christian Aniciete, and Christina Williams,    

President’s Diversity Mini-Grants Selection Subcommittee:
Co-Chairs: Patrick Villaflores, and Yoko Honda,

Recruitment & Retention of Faculty & Staff of Color Subcommittee:
Co-Chairs: Theresa Kaimanu, and Maria Tenorio,

Recruitment & Retention of Students of Color Subcommittee:
Co-Chairs: Angela Canton, and Virginia Luka,    

DAC Members:

Angela Canton, Black Studies/Chicano Latino Studies/Indigenous Nation Studies
CeCe Ridder, Diversity and Multicultural Student Services
Charles Hall, Office of Alumni Relations
Chenae Garcia, Office of the Dean of Student Life
Christian Aniciete, University Communications
Christina Williams, Institute for Sustainable Solutions
Cynthia Gomez, Diversity & Multicultural Student Services
Ed Washington, Global Diversity & Inclusion
Ginny Garcia-Alexander, Department of Sociology
Jack Straton, Department of Physics & University Studies
Jean Aguilar-Valdez, Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Jen Dugger, Disability Resource Center
Jodi Stiegemeyer,  Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science
Kaitlyn Verret, Associated Students of Portland State University
Kerth O'Brien, Department of Psychology
Kevin Thomas, Student Sustainability Center
Kirsten Keith, Queer Resource Center
Linda Ueki Absher, Library
Lisa Jarrett, School of Art & Design
Lisa Weasel, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Maria del Pilar Montejo, Intensive English Language Program
Maria Tenorio, American Indian Urban Teaching Program
Marilyn Quintero Cisneros, American Indian Urban Teaching Program
Marjorie McGee, Graduate School of Education
Masami Nishishiba, Division of Public Administration / Center for Public Service
Mauryn Q Cisneros, Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services
Neil Panchmatia, Student     
Patrick Villaflores, Global Diversity & Inclusion
Samantha Ing, Student    
Shannon Aniciete, Student Legal Services
Stephen Percy, College of Urban and Public Affairs
Stephenie Jahnke, Conflict Resolution Program
Susan Chan, Department of Music
Theresa Kaimanu, Division of Public Administration
Tina Anctil, Department of Counselor Education
Tony Funchess, Student     
Tristen Breitenfeldt, Student     
Virginia Luka, Student Activities and Leadership Programs
Yoko Honda, Office of International Student and Scholar Services