DAC Committees

To ensure continuing success in meeting the goals of the President’s Diversity Action Council, the DAC annually recruits new members with the interest, time, and commitment to be dedicated to this important work. Each DAC member serves on a minimum of one committee to help move forward DAC projects and initiatives. DAC Committees are charged with reviewing current practice, researching best practices, supporting the development of diversity education & learning and providing recommendations that assist PSU achieve its strategic plan goals. Committees meet as agreed upon by members and chairs, guided by their goals for the year.

2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Plan & President’s Task Force Reports Evaluation

Chair: TBD

Culturally Responsive Workshops and Annual Symposium

Chair: Aoi Mizushima, maoi@pdx.edu

Recruitment & Retention of Diverse Students

Chair: Evan Green, evgreen@pdx.edu

Recruitment & Retention of Diverse Faculty

Chair: Gina Greco, grecog@pdx.edu

Recruitment & Retention of Diverse Staff

Co-Chairs: Mauryn Cisneros, mauryn@pdx.edu and Mandi Mizuta, mizuta2@pdx.edu

DAC Communications

Chair: TBD

President's Diversity Mini-Grants Selection (Dec. - Feb.)

Chair: Patrick Villaflores, patrickv@pdx.edu

President's Diversity Awards Ceremony Planning (Jan. - May)

Chair: Patrick Villaflores, patrickv@pdx.edu

President's Diversity Awards Selection (April - May)

Chair: Patrick Villaflores, patrickv@pdx.edu

Curriculum & Pedagogy

(Committee on hold until the position of Director for Diversity Education & Learning has been filled.)
Co-Chairs: TBD