File a Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment

Portland State University strives for a culture and climate in which all members -- faculty, staff, students -- can be successful. At times, something may happen, or behavior occur that may be discrimination or harassment. Filing a complaint allows for a thorough and impartial review.

Complaints Against Faculty/Staff and Others. Equity & Compliance conducts prompt and thorough investigations involving allegations of discrimination and harassment. Complaints against faculty, staff, a volunteer, or a PSU community member may be reported to Equity & Compliance by completing and submitting an online complaint form. The Faculty and Staff Investigation Flow Chart will provide an overview of the investigative process for prohibited discrimination and harassment complaints.

To file a complaint against Faculty, Staff, or Student Employees of prohibited discrimination complete the Employee Complaint Report Form.

If you need assistance, or an accommodation, to complete this form, please contact Equity & Compliance by phone at: (503) 725-5919.

Complaints Against Students. The Office of the Dean of Student Life administers the University’s Student Code of Conduct, which describes and provides a process for addressing inappropriate student behavior, including discrimination and harassment. Complaints regarding a student’s conduct may be reported to the Office of the Dean of Student Life by completing and submitting a Student Conduct Complaint Form. The Student Conduct Flow Chart will provide an overview of the investigative process involving students.