Instructor Video Records Lecture

Description of Accommodation

This accommodation allows students to review the visual and auditory information presented in class at a later time. This accommodation is not intended to be a substitute for participation.

Consider Confidentiality

You are not required to to record confidential information, and may pause recording during class discussions. You may choose to share the recording only with the student for whom this is an accommodation, or with the entire class. 

The DRC requires students to acknowledge and confirm they understand the limitations and responsibilities regarding video recordings of lectures. Each term, students are asked to sign off that they have read and understand the Recorded and Photographed Lecture Content Agreement. If any questions or concerns arise that a student is not following the terms of the agreement, please contact the DRC.

In Classrooms:

This accommodation allows the student to receive a video-recording of lecture within 24 hours. When available, instructors should use the built-in camera in Zoom-equipped classrooms. If the DRC and academic department are not able to secure a Zoom-equipped classroom, instructors may use a department laptop to video record lectures. The accommodation allows instructors to use their own discretion when including class discussions; however, at no time should video recording include visuals of students. Instructors should position their camera and microphone so that the video captures their lecture, demonstrations, slides, work on a whiteboard, and any other audio or visual content.

For Online/Remote Courses

Instructors do not need to take any additional steps if they are already video recording every synchronous class meeting and making those recordings available to all students within 24 hours of the class meeting. However, for courses that have live streaming but don't have a video recording available for review, the instructor should video record their live-streamed course meetings and make the recordings available to the student within 24 hours. This accommodation is not relevant in asynchronous or fully online courses.

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