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As a faculty and staff member, you share the responsibility to provide an accessible learning environment for all students, including students with disabilities. When students request disability-related accommodations, you must refer them to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) so that the DRC can identify reasonable accommodations. Please also email us to let us know you have made the referral. Please see the Reasonable Accommodation and Access Policy for more information. 

DRC Access Counselor & Consultants consult with you as needed to ensure equal access in courses is provided while maintaining academic rigor. If the DRC determines a reasonable accommodation is necessary, the DRC will send notification of the approved accommodation to your pdx.edu email. On behalf of P.S.U, the DRC determines what accommodations are reasonable, but you, the student, and the DRC are all part of the process of discussing how the classroom/testing accommodations will be provided throughout the term.

Faculty and DRC staff are partners in providing accommodations to students. If you need assistance or have concerns that the accommodations interfere with the learning objectives of the course, you should contact the DRC for a collaborative dialogue about how to best serve the student. In no circumstance should you simply deny an accommodation without communicating with the DRC about alternatives. Below are the most important ways you contribute to this partnership:

Include an Access and Inclusion Statement

Include the DRC's suggested Access and Inclusion Syllabus Statement in your course syllabus and review it during the first week of each class.

Refer Students to the Disability Resource Center

When students request disability-related accommodations, you must refer them to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) so that the DRC can identify reasonable accommodations. Please also email us at drc@pdx.edu to let us know you have made the referral. Please see the Reasonable Accommodation and Access Policy for more information.

Respect Confidentiality

Confidentiality regarding a student's disability and/or registration status with the DRC is essential. Do not inquire about a student's diagnosis. You should not announce a student's disability and/or the fact that they use accommodations in class. You should hold individual conversations about accommodations in a respectful and discreet manner.

Collaborate to Provide Approved Accommodations

Once students have initiated the process of receiving accommodations with the DRC for the term, you will receive a copy of the students’ Faculty Notification Letter via email, which will indicate their accommodations. You will then collaborate with the DRC and the student in providing the listed accommodations in order to give students with disabilities the opportunity to achieve the intended outcomes of the course. You are only obligated to work to provide the accommodations that are listed on the Faculty Notification Letter; you should refer students who request other accommodations to the DRC.

Consider Universal Design

Please be mindful that proactive accessibility and Universal Design benefits all students, especially during this time when most of us are feeling uncertain about the world, and uncertain of our ability to do well in an online/remote environment. Proactive accessibility goes a long way to ensure everyone has an equitable experience! Here are some ideas that are quick and easy and can help all of your students!

Communicate with Students when Approached

By having a conversation with the student about their accommodations, you can determine how to put the listed accommodations into practice. This conversation should occur at a time and in a place that allows you to provide individualized attention and confidentiality.

Contact the DRC with Concerns

Many accommodations do not require faculty attention, and most of those that do require attention occur without difficulty. However, when an approved accommodation causes concern, either because you have difficulty providing it or you are concerned that it may constitute a fundamental alteration to the academic objective of the course, you should immediately contact the DRC. The DRC will respond promptly with support, suggestions, or reasonable alternative accommodations. To ensure student success, you should not stop providing the original accommodation until a reasonable alternative is in place.

Proctored Exams

The Learning Center is taking over Testing Services beginning Fall Term 2020. Please visit their Testing Services page to learn more about how accommodated testing will be handled going forward.

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