Diasporas In Dialogue
Diasporas in Dialogue manual and Training Program is the culmination of five years of work conducting assessment, dialogue groups, dialogue training, and community reconciliation capacity-building efforts in multiple African diaspora communities in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Predicated on the belief that historical conflicts from home regions were travelling with migrant populations and being left unattended in the diaspora, we saw the need and the opportunity to provide a safe forum for community members to come together to address their fractured past, their difficult present, and their uncertain future. The Diaspora Dialogue Project, generously supported by the Andrus Family Fund, has been a collaboration between the Conflict Resolution Graduate Program at Portland State University and the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, serving Oregon and Washington.  The manual is intended for use with immigrant and refugee populations from around the world who can benefit from this same opportunity, to increase the chances of successful resettlement and unified diaspora community.