Major Requirements

Required Courses - 24 credits
Students must complete 6 courses representing at least 3 of the 7 academic disciplines listed below.

  • CCJ 200 Introduction to Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • CCJ 230 Policing in America -or- CCJ 240 Punishment & Corrections
  • CCJ 330U Crime Control Strategies
  • EC 201 Principles of Economics-Micro
  • EC 202 Principles of Economics-Macro
  • EC 332 Economics of Environmental Issues
  • INTL 201 Introduction to International Studies
  • INTL 396 United States and The World
  • INTL 397 US Policy and International Development
  • PA 311U Introduction to Civic Engagement
  • PA 312U Foundations of Community Leadership
  • PA 313U Fundamentals of Public Service
  • PS 101 US Government -or- PS 102 US Politics
  • PS 204 Comparative Politics -or- PS 205 International Politics
  • PS 431 State and Local Politics
  • USP 300U Introduction to Urban Studies
  • USP 301 Introduction to Community Development
  • USP 311U Introduction to Urban Planning
  • PHE 350 Health and Health Systems
  • PHE 446U Community Health Principles and Practices
  • PHE 250 Our Community, Our Health

Elective Courses - 20 credits
Select 5 upper-division electives from the following academic units: CCJ, PA, PS, USP, PHE, ECON, OR INTL. A maximum of 3 of these electives can come from any one participating unit. The other two electives must come from the other participating units.

Research Skills Course - 4 credits
Complete a pre-identified and approved research methods, statistics, or data analysis course from any of the participating academic units.

  • STAT 243 Intro to Statistics and Probability
  • CCJ 340 Crime Analysis
  • CCJ 380 Criminal Justice Research
  • PHE 450 Epidemiology
  • PS 495 Research Methods for Political Science
  • USP 430 Participatory Research Methods for Community Development
  • USP 440 Measuring People and Communities in the Urban Context
  • USP 452 GIS for Community Development

Internship/Field Experience - 4 credits
Choose an approved course from any participating academic unit to complete in senior year. 

Dean’s Seminar - 4 credits
This seminar needs to be completed in senior year.

Total Credits Required for Major - 56 Credits
A minimum of 9 upper division courses must be taken as part of the total credits for the major.

Do you have questions about the above requirements? Questions about the Degree? Contact Tracy Braden, Academic Advisor, or set up an advising appointment.