Undergraduate Students

Student Employment and Internships:

Look for student jobs and internships on Handshake. Doing so in early in Fall term is best, but positions become available year round. Try to align with your career interests if possible, but all experience counts!  Always do an OUTSTANDING job; it’s your investment toward advancement. No one promotes an average worker!  

Attend Career Fairs:

 ACS hosts career fairs every term. Put yourself out there and get familiar with speaking with employers. Ask questions about what employers are looking for, even if you’re not ready or qualified yet. Be inquisitive about jobs in your field, be proactive in learning what’s out there, reflect back on what interests you, get excited about your future, and start to target your dream jobs! These types of conversations could lead to job shadowing, P/T or temporary positions, internships, networking contacts, and more! 

Know thyself:  

Take advantage of the many assessment tools available. The more you know your strengths and natural talents, the better able you will be to strategically target your job search to the positions for which you will be most successful and happy. 

Meet with ACS Career Advisors: 

ACS specializes in supporting undergraduate students. Speak with the career experts about your individual, professional goals. They can help you wherever you are at in your career and academic journey.