Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate students in need of advising and prospective graduate students with questions should contact the faculty advisor or department contact in their program of study:

Master's Degree in Political Science:

Master of Public Policy:

Master of Science in Criminology & Criminal Justice: Dr. Mark (Harmon) Leymon

Master of Urban and Regional Planning: Dr. Greg Schrock

Master of Urban Studies: Dr. Connie Ozawa

Ph.D. in Urban Studies: Dr. Connie Ozawa

Ph.D. in Urban Studies Regional Science: Dr. Connie Ozawa

Master of Public Health (Health Promotion): Dr. Lynne Messer

Master of Public Health (Health Management and Policy): Dr. Neal Wallace

Master's Degree in Health Studies: Dr. Gary Brodowicz

Ph.D. in Community Health: Dr. Cara Eckhardt

Master of Public Administration (Health Administration):

Master of Public Administration: Megan Heljeson

Executive Master of Public Administration: Jessica Mole

Ph.D. in Health Systems and Policy: Dr. Sherril Gelmon

Ph.D. in Public Affairs & Policy: