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Melissa Cannon, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Gerontology at Western Oregon University
Melissa Cannon, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Gerontology at Western Oregon University

Dissertation research: 

Examined the factors that influence challenges and successes for senior centers in an urban area as senior centers throughout the U.S. are re-positioning to continue their long history of providing services, activities, recreation, socialization for community dwelling older adults.

Melissa  is an Assistant Professor of Gerontology at Western Oregon University.  Melissa has previously worked as an adjunct professor for PSU through spring 2016 when she accepted a position at Western Oregon U.
She had worked on a number of projects, such as the Multnomah County Adult Care Home Program Resident Satisfaction Survey, a social equity project focused on accessibility of the university campus, and an NIH grant proposal for a research training award to help strengthen Nicaragua’s research capacity in chronic, non-communicable disease across the lifespan.

Selected Publications: 
Cannon, M. What is aging? Disease a Month. (Forthcoming, Winter 2015)

Hasworth, S., Cannon, M. Social theories of aging for health practitioners. Disease a Month. (Forthcoming, Winter 2015)

Neal, M. B., DeLaTorre, A.K., Nolan, B., & Cannon, M. A study of Nicaraguan older adults living on the edge: Research from an international university-community partnership. International Journal of Aging and Human Development. (Forthcoming)

Lipsky, M., Cannon, M, & Lutfiyya, M.N. (2014). Gender and health disparities: The case of male gender. Disease a Month, 60, 138-144.

Lutfiyya, M.N., Cannon, M, & Lipsky, M. (2014). An argument for male gender as a root cause or fundamental social determinant of health. Disease a Month, 60, 145-149.

Neal, M. B., Hammer, L. B., Pines, M. A., Bodner, T. E., & Cannon, M. L. (2013). Working caregivers in the “Sandwiched Generation.” In R. Burke, J. Field, & C. Cooper (Eds). Handbook on Aging, Work & Society. Newbury Park: Sage Publications.

Student Research
Dissertation: "Challenges, Experiences, and Future Directions of Senior Centers Serving the Portland Metropolitan Area (Melissa L. Cannon, Ph.D.)"