Internship/Field Experience

In consultation with the Pathway Adviser and the Faculty Adviser, students will identify either a government, non-profit, for-profit, or civic organization, connect with a staff member in that organization who will supervise the student, and, together with the staff member, define a service the student will provide or a product the student will deliver to the organization. Based on the organization and the work, the student will register for four credits of Internship or Field Experience with a faculty member in one of the college’s undergraduate academic program’s mentioned above.

The Internship/Field Experience is intended to provide UPA students with an opportunity to practice in a setting that will inform and advance their career interests. Internships are also opportunities to build networks that connect students with others who share interests in particular policy issues that attracted them to the major, and are working to address those issues. Documenting the contributions that students make to the organizations with which they work strengths the portfolio that students will present to potential future employers. Examples of Internships/Field Experiences undertaken by UPA majors thus far include:

Students who are planning their internship experience are invited to contact Associate Dean, Sy Adler, for assistance.