Featured Student: Jelena Grove

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Degree/Major: International & Global Studies with a focus on Europe; Minor in Spanish

PSU Scholarships: Honors Laurels Scholarship, Oregon Consular Corps Scholarship

A native Portlander with a bilingual upbringing, Jelena was exposed at a young age to cultural diversity and intercultural communication. As a young adult, she traveled in Latin America and Europe where she taught English and volunteered with local NGOs.

Jelena’s passion for learning foreign languages, intellectual curiosity for understanding Eastern Europe, and desire for meeting new people has inspired her to pursue a future career in diplomacy. She exemplifies a truly educated global citizen who wants to create a more peaceful and just world.

She is currently focused on getting an internship or job abroad. A master's degree is probably also in her future, but she plans like to gain some real experience and familiarize herself with a few areas of interest first: US-Russia relations, drug war history and politics, and the economic and political implications of the recent wave of cannabis decriminalization, both domestic and international.

Her personal goal is to master more languages—and actually use them! Currently she is working on her fourth: Russian.