CUPA Innovations

At Portland State, our longtime commitment has been to "Let Knowledge Serve the City." CUPA is a focal point for many forms of community engagement at PSU—we care, and we want to make a difference. CUPA provides knowledge and assistance to local and regional governments, neighborhood associations, school districts, government commissions, and local initiatives. Below are examples of some of the ways CUPA's innovative people and programs are making an impact in our community and beyond.

Urban-Rural Ambassadors

This partnership between PSU and Eastern Oregon University challenges students to provide creative solutions to bridge Oregon’s urban-rural divide.

New Portland Professorship

This donor-funded position will allow Bates to use her academic inquiry to inform those working toward making housing more affordable and equitable.

Dreamer Elected ASPSU President

He is pursuing a double major in International & Global Studies and Political Science, with a goal of interning with the United Nations.

New Flexible Bachelor's Degree

This new Urban and Public Affairs degree allows students to balance their studies with work, family, and other life experiences—and so far, students love it.