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The faculty in the College of Urban and Public Affairs are routinely asked to shed light on complex issues through media interviews, opinion editorials and by providing critical data to inform reporters and the community at large. Below are the most recent examples of how our faculty use their knowledge to serve the city—and beyond. 



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Study Explores Link Between Racist Policies and Hotter Temperatures

The following pieces feature a study co-authored by Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, Vivek Shandas. 

     SIERRA: Urban Heat Islands Are Not an Accident: A new study links racist housing policy to unequal exposure to extreme heat
     Mother Jones: Racist Policies in Urban Neighborhoods Have Created Deadly “Heat Islands”
     Yale Environment 360: Study Finds Link Between Deadly Heatwave Exposure and Redlining Housing Policies
     Oregonian: Racist housing policies heighten effect of climate change, says PSU study
     OPB: Racist Housing Practices From The 1930s Linked To Hotter Neighborhoods Today
     Scientific American: Past Racist “Redlining” Practices Increased Climate Burden on Minority Neighborhoods
     Oregonian: Historically racist housing policies exacerbating climate change effects in low-income Portland neighborhoods

Statesman Journal: Republican Senators should not run away from climate bill | Opinion
Randall A. Bluffstone, Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute for Economics and the Environment, calls for bipartisan leadership to address the "impending climate emergency."

PSU Vanguard: UN rules Myanmar required to prevent genocide
David Kinsella, Professor of Political Science, weighs in on the UN International Court of Justice's order for Myanmar to protect ethnic minority Rohingya muslims from genocide.

The Register-Guard: Springfield names latest city manager finalists
MPA graduate Nancy Newton is one of five finalists being considered for the position of City Manager in Springfield.

The Lund Report: Cedar Hills Hospital To Sponsor Sunday Supper
This piece references a PSU report that estimates about 38,000 people were homeless at some point in 2017.

KATU News: Remembering Portland City Councilmember Nick Fish
KATU spoke with Professor of Political Science, Richard Clucas, about how Nick Fish's passing will impact the city's future.

Oregon Business: What To Expect From Oregon’s Bag Ban
Tom Potiowsky notes that stores may see an uptick in revenue as consumers purchase plastic bags that they no longer get for free.

KATU News: Debate ongoing whether Portland's urban growth boundary increases homelessness
Marisa Zapata, Director of PSU's Homelessness Research Center, weighs in on whether the urban growth boundary is part of our homeless problem.

Inside PSU: New ASPSU President works to unite students
Violet Gibson, a Quantitative Economics major from Bend, Oregon, has been elected as PSU's student body president.

New York Times Opinion: Five Who Spread Hope in 2019
Phil Keisling and his decades of work with the Vote at Home movement landed him on this list of "Five Who Spread Hope in 2019."

Al Día News: Why Buffalo is the best U.S. city for climate refugees
According to Vivek Shandas, professor of urban planning, thousands of people will seek refuge in the north by the end of this century—and Buffalo is very well situated in many ways.

Face2face Africa: Did you know the first governor of California ordered Blacks out of Oregon in 1844?
Karen Gibson, Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, and Darrell Millner, Professor Emeritus of Black Studies, weigh in on Oregon's history of racism and exclusionary laws. 

PSU’s Population Research Center Releases Preliminary Oregon Population Estimates

The data was picked up by several publications across the state:

     The Astorian: Population growth slows with economy
     The Oregonian: Oregon population grows by 41,000, pushing the state’s total to over 4.2 million people
     OPB: Oregon's Population Is Growing, But Not As Fast As Before
     Portland Mercury: Oregon’s Population Growth Continues to Slow, PSU Research Finds
     Willamette Week: Oregon Gained More Than 400,000 Residents in the Last Decade,
     a New Portland State University Population Study Shows

     Portland TribunePSU study: Oregon welcomed 41,000 new residents since 2018
     The Corvallis Advocate: State Population Continues to Grow, May Earn Another Congressional Seat
     KTVZ: Sisters region's fastest-growing city by far this year
     KOIN 6: PSU study: Oregon welcomed 41,000 new residents since 2018
     KPTV: Researchers: Oregon’s population grew by 41K in 2019, largely due to new residents
     The Bulletin: Bend, Redmond population growth exceeds state rate
     KEZI: STUDY: Out-of-State Migration to Oregon Boosting Population
     Albany Democrat-Herald: PSU numbers show increase in population in across Oregon
     KMTR: Eugene's population has risen to over 171,000 for first time ever 
     The Newberg Graphic: PSU study: 41,000 people flock to state in 2018
     Central Oregonian: Crook County is growing quickly
     The Madras Pioneer: Culver, Metolius fastest growing in county
     Daily Emerald: Eugene pedals bike friendly street designs at Central Eugene in Motion open house

Oregonian: Opinion: Youths accused of even serious crimes deserve anonymity
This opinion piece mentions a report from the Oregon Justice Resource Center on the impact of Oregon’s Measure 11 on youth. In the report, Mark Leymon, associate professor of criminology and criminal justice, analyzed data from 1995-2012 about those affected by the law.

PSU Vanguard: Declining economic growth
Portland MSA Economic and Population Outlook, a report released by PSU’s Northwest Economic Research Center (NERC), states a heightened risk of recession in the next couple of years.

Clark County Today: Contrasting candidates vie for Vancouver City Council Position 6
Sarah Fox—Army Veteran, CUPA graduate and political newcomer—is running against Jeanne Stewart, who is a former member of both the Vancouver City Council and Clark County Council.

Curry Coastal Pilot: Honored: Former Brookings city manager receives prestigious award
Gary Milliman, former Brookings City Manager and current senior fellow at PSU's Center for Public Service, has been recognized with the prestigious Herman Kehrli Award.

The Philadelphia Citizen: Citizen of the Week: Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman
MURP graduate Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman talks with The Philadelphia Citizen about Philly, her favorite cities to visit and making the BBC's 100 women of 2019 list. 

Wallowa County Chieftan: The allure of train travel: Meeting conducted to bring passenger train service back to NE Oregon
MURP student Jeff Broderick emphasizes the importance of communicating with legislators about restoring Amtrak service in NE Oregon.

The Norwich Bulletin: Local elections: This is where your vote really does count
Data from our Population Research Center showed up in the Norwich Bulletin in Connecticut.

Columbia County Spotlight: Interns aid Scappoose growth
MPA graduate Alexandra Rains turned an internship with the City of Scappoose into a full-time job as a program analyst.

The Bulletin: Census outcome could give Oregon a sixth seat in the House
Charles Rynerson of the Population Research Center discusses the importance of participating in the census and challenges the Census Bureau faces.

OPB's Think Out Loud: Report on Homelessness and Portland Street Response
Greg Townley, research director for PSU's Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative, discusses a new report that makes recommendations for how Portland’s first responders handle homelessness.

Oregonian: Homeless Portlanders want mental health, crisis support instead of weapons in first responders
PSU researchers canvassed homeless camps and centers to learn about occupants’ experiences with police. Results will help divert calls for homelessness issues away from police.

Portland Business Journal: Council appoints first five Clean Energy Fund committee members
MURP student, Maria Sipin, and Assistant Professor, Megan Horst, have been nominated to serve on the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund Committee.

Willamette Week: Portland Moves One Step Closer to A More Rational Emergency Response to Homeless People
PSU's Homelessness and Action Research Collaborative released a report aimed at building a case for civilians, rather than police to respond to calls for service.

Vivek Shandas, Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, discusses the realities of climate change.

KATU: 10 years in, WES ridership proving to be a 'big, serious problem' for TriMet
Aaron Golub, director of the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, weighs in on TriMet’s Westside Express Service (WES), which some critics are calling a "money pit."

NPR/wvik: Stacey Abrams Explains New Initiative To Fight Voter Suppression
Former Oregon secretary of state and vote-by-mail advocate, Phil Keisling, is quoted in this piece about the new  voter protection program, Fair Fight 2020, launched by Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams.

Washington Post: White evangelicals once admitted they were wrong about Nixon. Will Trump come next?
A speech by then-Sen. Mark O. Hatfield at the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast in Chicago in May 1973 warned that a “bad graft between religion and politics was turning gangrenous.”

OPB: PSU Report Estimates 2% Of Portland Metro Population Was Homeless In 2017
Street Roots: PSU report: 38,000 homeless in Portland metro area; regional collaboration is next step
Portland Business Journal: PSU study: Up to $4B needed to support the region's homeless over the next decade
KATU 2: PSU report: More than 38,000 people homeless in Portland tri-county area in 2017
KOIN 6: PSU study: 38,000 experienced homelessness in 2017
KGW: VIDEO: Regional homeless study shows big need and cost

The Columbian: Sheriff: Body cams not high on priority list
Clark County Today: Clark County sheriff weighs costs and benefits of body worn cameras
Hatfield Fellow, Jean Dahlquist, conducted an analysis of body-worn camera programs in several cities and found that they typically cover the cost it takes to run them. 

Portland Tribune: My View: Homelessness isn't the crisis you think it is
Marisa Zapata of the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning and PSU's Homeless Research and Action Collaborative submits that we must identify and address the systemic causes of homelessness rather than fixating on short-term solutions.

KPFA Radio: Countering white supremacist hate in Oregon
In anticipation of this weekend's protests by far-right extremists, Karen Gibson, Associate Professor Emeritus of Urban Studies and Planning, gives some background on Oregon’s anti-black history and exclusion laws.

Oregonian: Opinion: Tolling to ease congestion is great, in theory. Portland-area politics will test that.
Eric Fruits, Adjunct Professor of Economics, weighs in on ODOT's plan to impose tolls on I-5 and I-205.

New York Times: Summer in the City Is Hot, but Some Neighborhoods Suffer More
The easiest answer for cities that want to fight heat islands is straightforward, according to Vivek Shandas: More green and less pavement.

Willamette Week: Climate Change Is Likely to Turn Unprepared Pacific Northwest Towns into Tinder Boxes
Vivek Shandas, Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, examines the climate-related factors that could put Portland at risk of being a "tinder box" in the future.

WeatherNation: Citizen Scientists Take to the Streets to Map the Hottest Places in Ten U.S. Cities
Weather data from PSU's SUPR Lab used in detailed heat island maps that help officials protect people from extremely high temperatures.

Oregonian: Surprise pick as interim leader helps 'healing’ at Portland State
CUPA's former dean is bringing much-needed stability to his new role as Interim President.

KOIN 6: Study: Vegetation will cool urban heat islands
Vivek Shandas, Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, discusses how nature-based solutions can reduce temperatures of even the hottest places.

WeatherNation: Eight Cities for Urban Heat Island Mapping This Summer
A heat mapping collaboration between Vivek Shandas, Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, and Science Museum of Virginia is profiled.  

The Oregonian: Supreme Court rejection of census citizenship question cheered by Portland, Multnomah County officials
Jason Jurjevich, Associate Director of PSU's Population Research Center, addresses how the proposed citizenship question might still affect census outcomes.

ABC News and Midland Reporter-Telegram (AP): Divide between rural, urban Oregon is fueling climate fight
Chris Shortell, Chair of the Department of Political Science, addresses the divide between Oregon’s liberal cities and conservative rural areas over the cap and trade bill.

KPTV: A closer look at House Bill 2020, Oregon’s cap-and-trade bill
Sahan Dissanayake, Assistant Professor of Economics, breaks down Oregon’s cap-and-trade bill and how it would affect the state's businesses and consumers.

Community Impact Newspaper: Katy sees increased voter turnout in local elections
A 2016 Portland State study, Who Votes for Mayor?, is cited in this piece about voter turnout in Katy, Texas.  

OPB: In A Break From The Past, Oregon Sheriffs Change Their Approach To Gun Laws
Chris Shortell, Associate Professor of Political Science, discusses the U.S. Constitution's supremacy clause as it relates to gun laws.

Portland Mercury: The Case for a Fareless TriMet
Aaron Golub, Director of the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, weighs in on the concept of a fareless transit system in Portland.

GeekWire: Portland lawmakers pass privacy resolution to guide policies for facial recognition, other data use
Criminology and Criminal Justice Professor, Kris Henning, discusses whether facial recognition technologies used by law enforcement would actually affect crime prevention.

The Times of India: Plastic waste comprises major percentage of debris on river bank and beach: Study
Katie Conlon, urban studies and planning student and Fulbright recipient, was mentioned in this piece about her work in Sri Lanka studying plastic waste.

The Astorian: Astoria delves into housing study: Need for affordable and workforce housing
PSU's Population Research Center is cited in this article about a recent housing study in Astoria, Oregon.